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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 13, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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right now. this is a fox news alert. the obama administration did it again. missing another target. just a short time ago, h.h.s. releasing new obamacare enrollment numbers. for the first time we are seeing who signed up. turns out though just 24% of measures who signed up. 489,000 are between the ages of 18 and 34. now, that is far below the administration's goal of 38%. and to make matters worse. 79 % ever of the people who signed up, selected a plan with financial assistance. that means you, taxpayers, are paying. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, how are you? >> i'm very well. i assume that these numbers are disappointing you by the administration and to many
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americans if not all americans because they are not meeting the target and how in the world are we going to pay for this if we only have 24% of the 38% who are supposed to sign up and even of that group who signed up 79% are seeking financial assistance from the rest of taxpayers? >> well, i mean, it just illustrates the fact that the cost benefit analysis of obamacare is going to cost a lot more than it's going to benefit people. we have already had, you know, many, many people drop from care. we have had their insurance go up dramatically. we haven't even gotten to the corporate plans and the large plans. that's going to be even worse. so, that number of 24% is a disaster. it's a financial disaster because those are the people they were counting on to pay for everyone else. so, they are way below their target there. and then far many more people than they anticipate were seeking financial aid. so this is going to end up being a program that technically is probably going to be bankrupt and they have to put extra funds in from somewhere. >> you said it's going to cost a lot more.
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is that to sort of individuals taxpayers or government going to go out and find this money and if we can't find the money, i mean, at some point it keeps spending on some point you reach that magic implosion point. >> that's absolutely right. >> is that at risk here. >> of course it is. it's going to take a while. because, remember, we are only dealing right now with the individuals. individual plans. we are not dealing with the large number of people who are covered by their businesses. with the labor unions. i think 90 presidential people covered that way. those numbers haven't even come into it yet. and they are going to have to see their insurance increase dramatically to pay for this. so, i mean, this is going to get worse. it's not going to get better. >> all right. if you are so certain on that and many people are, looking at the numbers. if the obama administration themselves said they needed it 4% and only gained. i assume they saw the financial writing on the wall. what can we do to avoid that
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i am motion down the road. how do we back out of it or adjust? what can we do? >> we can't do anything because the obama administration will not make fundamental changes in the program. so, the only thing they are going to try to do is to try to find money somewhere in order to increase the subsidies and increase the amount of money the government puts. in the insurance company is going to take care of themselves and increase their premiums to fix the problem that's being put on them. mostly become a problem of where is the government going to find the money? i don't see anybody talking about a fix to obamacare. the president still believes this is going to work. i think that's fool, but he still believes that republicans aren't about to recast obamacare. what they will do is they would like to see obamacare ended and go to private options. i don't see how you fix this. >> well, the only way we can pay for this is we borrow more money. that's not always very attractive. we raise taxes. that's not very attractive to a lot of people.
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we increase jobs, so that people are paying greater revenue and income. and after that dismal jobs report from december, i don't see that happening. so, can you give me any other source other than that these premiums are going to skyrocket for people and people already having a hard time paying these health bills? >> greta, unless there is a massive change in the political arrangement in washington, this thing is going to implode. that's what's going to happen. a year, year and a half from now, two years from now. it's just going to absolutely implode. and then the next president is going to have to fix it i think also if you end up with a republican senate, you'll at least see bills come out of the congress that try to fix it but i don't think so the president will sign those unless he gets desperate. >> do you think the president sat least bit concerned or do you think he remains confident that this is a good plan. >> i can't believe that that he hasn't lost some confidence seeing how the whole computer program just fell apart and every projection is off by 20%, 30%. the projections themselves
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were a little bit shaky. all the financial projections for this were somewhat questionable. now they turn out to be a disaster. i can't believe in his heart of hearts he doesn't realize that there is a major so but so far he hasn't indicated that he is looking for some kind of major alteration to the program. >> that certainly doesn't seem like there is much of a change and maybe he remains confident. but i wish that he would come out and at least give us some numbers so we had a little more of a sense of confidence that we weren't being overly worried about this. >> well, the numbers, instead of giving you confidence, the numbers keep increasing the problem. but, i mean, part of this is the president painted this program totally inaccurately. i mean, this program, remember, was going to save money for the american people. of course that was ridiculous. you can't cover 30 million people and save money. everybody isn't going to be able to keep their own doctor. totally false. be able to keep their insurance if they liked it that turned out to be totally false. i don't know how the president fixes this. he has lost complete
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credibility. everything he said about this program has turned out to be absolutely wrong. >> mayor, thank you. >> thank you. >> always nice to see you, sir. is getting hitched the key to getting rich. >> a new strategy could take the win out of president obama's recent war on income inequality. raise the minimum wage and extend unemployment benefits. president bush's former economist has. ari fleischer joins us. >> good evening, greta. >> tell me why getting married is the best way out of this income equality issue? >> look what's happened to america since the war on poverty began. in 1964, 93% of us have born into homes had two married parents. now the numbers are abysmal. almost half of all children in america today are born into homes out of wedlock. single moms raising children. all quarter of whites. three quarters of every
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black baby today has a dad who is not there. parents who are not married. you wonder why it's so hard to raise children and make ends meet. from the moment these children are born, they don't have chance. much harder for them than it is for a family that's born with two parents. that's what such a big driver, greta, between income inequality and poverty. people who are being raised in single parents homes where the dad was never there and never there from the start. it's common sense. >> in your op. ed piece today in the "wall street journal." the numbers are stunning. african-american families, if they are married families of children 7% are below the poverty rate. if unmarried, it's 35. of. similarly, white is 3.2. unmarried is 22%. dramatically different if you are unmarried families. but i'm curious in terms of this is that there has been no push from our leaders. virtually no emphasis on families trying to sort of hold together or try to have, you know, have a marriage first, whatever your marriage is, and then have a family at that point.
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we almost -- we see so much where single parents are it's glorified as though it's something easy to do and it's not? the debate in washington is stuck on old formulas that have not worked and will in the work. redistribution of income increasing the redistribution is not going to solve these intract tillable problems. the focus has to shift. it has to shift to how do you change society? how do you change people's behavior which is a destructive harmful behavior. how do you make people stop having children and first get married and then have children? and, you know what? there are wonderful groups. nonprofit groups all around this country. robert wood sr. run as group enterprise one of the best groups in the country doing these types of things from neighborhoods out. that's where the solution is it's much more of values and a decision-based matter than can the government spend money matter. >> why isn't the dialogue about that? why can't there be a dialogue about both? why isn't the dialogue
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emphasis. it just isn't. hollywood doesn't sort of try push that issue. families intact are better. >> definition for generations did you spend more money than the other guy. that's why our deficits are so high and our problems are unsolved. they are asking the wrong question. common sense just tells you that this is the area that you need to focus if you really want to help children and if you want to help the families escape poverty. there is no one more articulate or better on this issue or would be than president obama who has talked about this in several of his speeches. he hasn't really invested in it or fossilled up in it but he does talk about it he has urged fathers to stay home. evidence has talked about the importance of two parents raising children. he defied the odds because he was brought up by single mom and grandparents and became president of the united states. this needs tore to be a real moral crusade. this is a value-laden fight it is much more values than economics, interestingly.
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as i said, can you raise taxes all you want and try to give that money to somebody else, so long as they are still been in the home where the dad is never there and mom is struggling to make ends meet, you can't redistribute enough money to pull them out of poverty and to get them through what they are going through it's a very different america than we were before. some things need to move back. >> indeed. anyway, two parents better than one. even looking at it from an economic standpoint. ari, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> straight ahead, disney world's why a trip across america sounds expensive, right? much more than the cost of milk and bread. how far can people spend welfare money on fancy trips? well, a stunning new report is next. but, first, something awful just happened in the airline industry. so it could put you in danger. i'm going to talk to you off-the-record next about it also use # greta and you tell me, are you going to fly soon?
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okay, let's go off-the-record for just a minute. what is going on with our airlines? i bet there are a lot of close calls that we only hear about them when the airlines get caught and sometimes catastrophically. try last summer? a huge asiana flight missed the runway crash landed and killing three. and many seriously injured. how do three professional pilots with all that technology in the cockpit miss the runway at san francisco airport? and how about november? a boeing dream lifter cargo jet landing at the wrong
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airport in wichita, kansas. luckily it didn't run off the runway and crash into something and kill someone. landing on the wrong runway too short with that size aircraft to take off with great risk. southwest flight 373 filled with passengers and that can be you, also land telling wrong airport and, once again, on a dangerously short runway for that particular aircraft. that cockpit likewise loaded with navigational equipment. with all that equipment in the cockpit, you almost have to go out of your way to miss the right runway. but it gets worse. it's not just one pilot putting all those passengers at risk. there was a co-pilot sitting right there what was he doing? watching movies with his ipad. what's the point of a co-pilot if he isn't monitoring what the pilot is doing you? wheard that story might have laughed a bit glad you weren't on that flight. but this is very serious. many lives were at risk. and if they are making that
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many mistakes as they land, what are they doing at 35,000 feet that we never even hear about. scary, isn't it? tonight, southwest airlines has a lot of explaining to do. this is not funny. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. tweet yes or no and use tash tag greta as to whether you are now a little bit worried about flying. and how would you like it pay for a trip to disney world and hawaii and not even get to go? that's exactly what taxpayers in the state of maine are doing. that's because welfare cash is being spent on that vacation instead of food. steve robinson, editor of the main wire joins us. good evening, steve. >> good evening, greta. >> i understand you reported on this. what's going on with the welfare payments in the state of maine? >> well, our investigation uncovered that over the last three years, maine welfare cards have been used in all 50 states, puerto rico, and the virgin islands and used to access welfare cash at strip clubs, liquor stores, bars and gambling facilities
4:16 pm
all over the country. >> all right. now, i suppose testimony that americans are sitting there watching this tonight say whoa i'm glad i don't live in maine where that is happening. is that all just state money or is there federal money in that which of course means the rest of us are helping to pay this. >> the money comes from the temporary assistance for needy families program which is funded mostly through a federal block grant. taxpayers across the country have been paying for this. >> it's interesting. i was looking at the numbers. 39 thousand are on some form of welfare. population 1.3 million. that is about 31% of your state; is that right? >> yes. it's about 31% of our state and it is set to grow if democrats in the legislature get their way with another expansion of our medical welfare program known as medicaid or main care. >> what is the plan to sort of be able to celebrate those who really need welfare and need help and those who might be using it at disney land or disney world? >> governor paula paige has made welfare reform a part
4:17 pm
of his administration. he has three bills in the legislature right now that would seek to tighten up how easy it is to get on the welfare roles. one of them would also place the geographic restriction so that these individuals would be able to use their ebt card afar away as california or hawaii. >> it's interesting the ebt card like the atm go to disney world and get cash atm and yet you are not even spending your money restaurants or grocery stores in your own state which helps pay other salaries. other workers. >> well, i think this investigation, it's interesting on the coming on the 50 anniversary on the war on poverty. because the way that you sought to elevy united states poverty in this country has been to throw fist fulls of cash at it at least here in maine we see that's not working. we are spawning a culture of dependency which is really harmful for everyone involved, especially the taxpayer. of course, really hurts those who really need it if the money is being used in ways people may not be spending it wisely.
4:18 pm
steve, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> more trouble for governor chris christie just days after the bridge gate scandal exploded, the new jersey governor now facing another investigation. this time, it is over his use of $25 million in federal money for a tourism campaign after super storm sandy. now those ad stars governor christie himself. ♪ >> we stronger than the storm and open for everyone. >> inspector general at the u.s. department of housing and urban development will audit the stronger than the storm campaign. a christie spokesperson insist the ad campaign was approved by the obama administration. you be the judge. is this a fair peeling back of the curtain on 2016 expenditures. seeing blood and piling up on chris christie after the bridge scandal. vote in our poll. coming up 4,500 of our soldiers gave their lives in
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nearly 3,000 americans were murdered on september 11th, 2001. and then the united states declared a war on terror. invaded afghanistan and then iraq and took out saddam hussein. flash forward to 2014 and al qaeda, the very people who murdered all those americans are now controlling major cities in iraq. colonel oliver north joins us. nice to see you. >> greta, good to be with you. >> boy, i don't even know what the words are to have those two black flags over.
4:24 pm
>> general's observation that is carried in the paper and press today is indicative of what the top level -- i'm not picking a fight with him. but, in fact, this is a devastating blow to those who fought in this war. it's a devastating blow to the family members. as you know, because i have been on your show talking about my american heros book series every time we have had a book come out, many of those books have the photographs that were taken with soldiers, sailors, amember, guardsmen and marines while i was with them and then they were subsequently killed. there is a shot of sergeant joshua frazier with whom i spent many, many days in ramadiy, iraq,. >> i think we have a picture right here this picture. >> that's joshua frazier. brave, brave sergeant. i came home and three weeks
4:25 pm
later he was killed. and his folks asked me to come to that funeral. every book signing i go to, someone will walk up to me he and say would you sign this photograph of my son or my husband or my dad who was with you in iraq or in some cases afghanistan? and i will say how is he doing? no, no, he was killed a few weeks after you left him. i look at though the kinds of events as a personal tragedy for those who lost them. but, up until now when they would ask the question, was that sacrifice worth it? i could answer yes. the victory that we sought in iraq was doable. a stable country, a friendly government, respect for its own people and a place where terrorists could not reign again. that's not what we're seeing happen there. what we did, with this administration, was to walk away from the fight that as you accurately pointed out,
4:26 pm
claimed so much blood and treasure. and we have left a country a trap neighbor iran and vulnerability for the united states again that shouldn't be there. >> you are saying it has turned out it has not been worth it? >> not because of the bravery on the battlefield. >> no, i understand that. >> a war i was in a long time ago. because of the failures of this administration to close the bilateral security agreement that had already been negotiated. in 2011 they walked away from it on your show and several others on fox i said this is going to be a disaster. not because i have the gift of prophecy but you could see where it was headed at that point. >> all right. we didn't -- it didn't happen. now we're in a situation where we have two al qaeda flags flying over rammedy and fallujah where we have lost 100 soldiers i think just in fallujah alone in 2004. what would you do now? what is there to be -- what
4:27 pm
can we say to the families? two things, that what do we say to the families now and what do we do? >> the sacrifice they made for each other is certainly still there and worth it the fact that you have an administration that refused to ever use the word victory or win or failed to define it or failed to step up and do what needed to be done is a disaster for those families. but it's been deadly for the people of iraq. because the people of iraq now 8,000 civilians have been killed. more than all of the time that we were in there have died as a consequence of what we have allowed to happen. >> just even today, 26 in iraq. 86 people in fallujah this month. that's just, you know, that's just this month. anyway, colonel, always nice to see you, sir. >> good to be with you, greta. >> coming up, president trump? no, sir the first time we have heard the possibility. what is going on now that could really land donald trump in the white house? do you want donald trump to run for president? tweet or post using thag greta. good job!
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deadly gunfire tampa bay area of florida. police say two couples got intoen a rg ament. one couple was upset that the other was texting and making noise during the previews of the movie. suspect police officer shot the man who was texting. he was killed and wife was wounded. another movie goer detained the suspect until police arrived. york yankees slugger alex rodriguez has sued major league baseball and players union. seeking to overturn season long suspension. over the weekend arbitrator ruled clear evidence that a rod used banned substances and tried to disrupt the drug investigation. he suspended a rod for the entire 2014 season. relief in west virginia. lifting the tap water ban for the rest of the state. five days, 300,000 people in nine counties have not been able to use the water that's because a tainted spill tainted the elk river. west virginia's governor says testing shows the water is safe to use. the ban is slowly being lifted one area at a time. and in israel today a final
4:32 pm
farewell to former prime minister ariel sharon. after state ceremony after the israeli parliament building. sharon was laid to rest at family ranch in southern israel. vice president joe biden and british prime minister tony blair were among the world leaders at the funeral. sharon died on saturday eight years after a stroke left him in a coma. dennis rodman apologizing again after latest trip to north korea. rodman today arriving in china and once again rodman said he is sorry that he could not help free american captive kenneth bae. >> i'm not the president. i'm not an ambassador. i'm den his rodman. just individual. we can actually get along and be happy for one day. >> rodman was in north korea to play a basketball game in honor of dictator kim jong un's birthday. we told that you justin bieber is in hot water after egging his neighbor's house. now we know the damage. tmz reporting bieber's egg caused 20,000ness damage for the neighbor's home. more bad news for the beibs,
4:33 pm
he could face vandalism charges and that's tonight's speed read. hhs report showing 24% of americans who signed up between the ages of 18 and 24. senior administration official saying enough young people have enrolled to avoid insurance death spiral is that true, joining us is ron for ray. elise viebeck and byron york. has the administration doorged the bolten this one one or are the numbers bleak. >> no the bullets are still coming. nor to work they need 40% of the folks entered have to be the young invincibles right now around 2 a%. they say they can make that up in massachusetts there was latest last-minute makeup by the younger group. no assurances that they will. also overall they are below where they wanted to be. 3 million now around 2 million overall enrollment. they have a lot of work to do yet. then the hard part begins. >> elise? >> we know young people wait
4:34 pm
a long time to purchase health insurance more than any other group they need to learn what it is. they take a long time to comparison shop. many of them are going to decide in the end they don't think they need it. i agree i don't think the battle. >> weren't they supposed to have it for january 1 aren't they late. >> they went be penalized unless they don't have it after the end of march. there is a three month grace period in there. the administration is counting on these people to be shopping right now. they are not selling the law very much to young people. ramp up efforts they want to see gained. >> are they worried, the administration. >> they should be. the open enrollment period. the numbers are bad. and i think you are going to see some more goal posts moving. remember the administration moved away from the 7 million figure they said well, maybe we said that to begin with you about that's not really that important. what's really important is the age mix of the people who sign up. well now the age mix looks pretty bad. i think you are going to hear them saying more it's really a matter who is healthy and who is not.
4:35 pm
younger people healthier. if you you get healthy middle aged people that's good for the 178 as well. >> 79% of those who are picked up 18 to 34 are eligible for subsidies. not like they are paying dollar for dollar. we have to compensate for that 79%. that number isn't quite as good as you might think if we are picking up part of the freight. >> that was the whole idea. the whole idea as it to move subsidies above the poverty level programs in the federal government and well into the middle class. >> if 79% of the 18 to 34 we hoped were paying now we found out that they really can't pay everything -- >> -- that's going to cost the tax parts more money. >> the insurance companies more money but the affordable care act contains several provisions that are going to reimburse insurance companies if these risk pools are bad. >> reimbursed by taxpayers. >> reimbursed by taxpayers and from money paid by insurance companies. also they will be donating to a pool if risk pools are better and come back out. >>ible pa, it looks like it's not only spanish version is also
4:36 pm
plagued by problems. one navigator says the site is not even written in correct spanish it's more like spanglish that doesn't sound good. >> this slm as bad as putting out a web site. how do you put out a web site doesn't have decent. arrogance. get half itway to spanish and they will be fine. it's sloppy. >> what about the demographic that i assume they are trying to attract for 2014-2016. they want the hispanic demographic now they have insulted them by. >> this this is the demographic that the democratic party thinks they have wrapped up especially when they treat them this way when they take them for granted. bad signal not just for obamacare but bad way to treat the growing constituency in this country. >> the disproportionate number of the uninsured is the hispanic. significant number of hispanics in america who speak only spanish there are more than 4 million in california who do not speak english. so the president has shown a
4:37 pm
lot of interest in hispanic americans who supported him so heavily in the election. it's astonishing that they have done so badly on the spanish language web site. >> have we heard spanish members of congress have they spoken at least about this. >> not quite yet. there are many community activists very disappointed because there were many hispanic media networks who got together to solve this law. there are a lot of people who kept getting told by h.h.s. just go to the web site it debuted at the end, mid december two or three months after it was meant to. all of these people have been frustrated forever months. >> it's hard to believe they couldn't get a spanish translation right? that's like really bad. >> it's basic stuff: 100% of spanish speakers even if they know english will be insulted. >> i'm insult weed pay a lot of money to hire people. >> today you wrote about the 2016 presidential race and you mentioned the possibility of a president donald trump.
4:38 pm
>> well, i mentioned that while saying i can't see that happening but, stranger things might happen. the point was it's way too early to say that hillary clinton is the frontrunner, chris christie is a frontrunner. if you look at history and how fast things are changing now, i really think there is a very good chance that we're going to have a candidate emerge in one or both of the party that's really going to shake things up that might win it that's right now is not on the radar. could be a sports figure, business figure. could be entertainment figure which is how trump came up. >> very few stranger things actually have happened. i think the point that robin is making is actually correct. you could have a republican like john kasich who is kind of mentioned occasionally the governor of ohio jump out because, as you mentioned in your piece, at this time in the 2008 cycle, barack obama was nowhere. he was not on the list of pollsters were asking people did. things did change. >> governor kasich would be predictable. use 20d be chairman of the budget committee. governor of a big state and
4:39 pm
an important state. but, i mean, could it be someone like you even mentioned a sports figure. can you imagine sports figure i guess arnold schwarzenegger an actor. >> i don't know about a sports figure. certainly a lot of republicans looking for someone who is outside of politics. we saw that in 2012 with someone like herman cain who received a the love support as independent businessman that was his brand. >> a lot of people being critical of president obama because he didn't have a lot of experience. he had never been a governor. he was a state senator and they criticized for voting present. he was a u.s. senator for short time. he came to the job and they were jill critical of him not having the experience. >> they are not big on inexperience right now and big on institutions for both political parties. they are at record low self-identification. growing number of people identifying themselves as independent voters. they reasonable doubt tired of washington. they are tired of politics as usual. yeah, and especially with the empowerment that voters have right now that they can make things happen on their
4:40 pm
own. i don't think we should be ruling anything out. >> it certainly wouldn't be dull. thank you. straight ahead, is president obama abiewfsing his appointment powers. if so, now what? today the supreme court taking up that particular question so how do the justices seem to be leaning? the latest is next. ipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. [ male announc ] your eyes. even at a distance of 10 mis... the length 146 football fields... they can see the light of a single candle.
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the supreme court is considering whether the president exceeded his powers. shannon bream is just back from the supreme court. she joins us. always nice to see you, shannon. >> you too,. >> what was the problem today in the court the issue and what happened? >> basically it's about whether or not we know the constitution has given the
4:47 pm
president the tower power to make appointments during recess. when the senate is in recess he doesn't have to wait for advice and consent. was the senate in recess when the the president made appointments to the national labor relations board. folks opposing that said no. this was unconstitutional. other presidents have done it of both parties. now the question is before the court it's time to put a stop to it. >> the senate was trying to avoid the recess appointments so when they went -- when they were away from the senate, whatever you want to call it they were gaveling it in every couple of days and staying technically in session. >> they were. that was the argument. a number of justices said we should leave it to the senate to decide when they are in recess or not. that's not for us to decide. we have to let them decide their procedural things. what we have to decide if the president has gone beyond the constitution here. and there were several who seemed to say would what it looked like to us is that president obama did this to settle a political issue he was having. this clause was never meant to settle a fight.
4:48 pm
he doesn't get to use this, that was the original purpose of this. the judges across the ideological spectrum seemed to think that's what the president was doing here. >> that's exactly what president bush did when he couldn't get the senate to confirm ambassador boldton. he was having the same sort of spat when the shoe was on the other foot. i guess the court just never considered that issue then. >> it didn't get to them apparently because today, donald, the -- arguing on behalf of the point. justice alito stopped him and said you are making a very very aggressive argument expansion of the president's power. not because of what the clauses but because you are seeming to suggest it's a political solution when the two sides can't agree. and justice breyer obviously not a right winger himself brought that up as well. he said by my count president george w. bush did this six times and president obama has done it four times. the purpose of this, show me anywhere where it was ever to settle political fights.
4:49 pm
>> fascinating first time ever check on a presidential power that we're getting that at least in a long time. justice elena kagan appointed by the president used to be slither general. her questions i read from what you are saying her questions were quite sympathetic to the president stepping over his powers. she thought the president might be. >> she had questions about how do we play this game? can the senate say we're going to gavel in every five minutes and name a post office in honor of someone. we will continue to conduct business and work around this to say we are conducting business. she along with several other of the justices said too when this was written things were different. people would ride their horses and go home and be a recess for nine months. right now just about everybody who serves in the senate could be there 24 hours if the president called them back. >> the recess is for porch appointments nobody was there the president needed to continue the continuity of the government. here it's a different situation. >> now we wait. >> it will be before june. >> it will. >> nice to see you as always, shannon. liberals claiming republicans are taking aim
4:50 pm
at the poor. what do republicans have to say about that accusation. representative michelle back bachmann reacts next. joe tacapino would be sean's guest. don't miss that one 10:00 p.m. on hannity.
4:51 pm
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now it's time to show you what we have been watching. put together the most fantastic videos. subway ride commuters across the globe ditching their trousers. that's right. thousands of people bearing their briefs and boxers on the world subways. democrat addition started with an improv group in 2002. it has now become a global sensation. now, we also hear that the host of the five did it this year. okay, we're just kidding. and at first glance, clutch
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
is the war on poverty turning into a democratic war on republicans? liberals are now claiming that republicans are taking aim at the poor. there is one headline after another in the "new york times" and op ed called republicans enemies of the poor. in the "the washington post" the headlines g.o.p.'s war on the war on poverty and chris van hollen accusing republicans to take initiatives to throw more people into poverty. republican congresswoman michele bachmann joins us. so, let's go right to paul krugman's "new york times" op. ed. are the republicans the enemies of the poor? >> absolutely not. i think all you have to do is look at the president's policies and that's all you need to know for how to increase more people on dependency and more people on poverty. and it's not working. "the wall street journal" had a great article today. it says we t. looks week we are going into a european structural unemployment
4:57 pm
problem. perpetual high numbers of unemployment and low numbers of job creation. that's not good for young people. it's not good for anyone. and that's the problem. you know, when i see op. eds by republicans and democrats on the question of poverty. i research what they are doing to. had he it's so easy, republicans and democrats sort of take pot shots from either sides of the aisle. are you even doing anything? are you doing anything to help take pot shots. poverty is such a serious problem in this country. interesting that i think that the democrats have been very effective at making republicans look like they don't care about the poor. >> well, you know, can you look at the big macronumbers. like the fact that we have fallen off the cliff for unemployment numbers from 2008 and today. but you can also look at individual people and individual numbers. in my own life, for instance, we went from middle class overnight to being below poverty and it was through divorce. there is a lot of people watching tonight who have gone through the same thing where they had an intact
4:58 pm
family. they went through divorce. and the single mom usually is the one that is left in poverty. but, each person has an opportunity to deal with that and our own family we qualified for welfare benefits but my mom said we're in the going to do that we're going to work through it that's one way to deal with that initiative. then there is also government programs too that actually do work. >> how does the republican party convince people who have been on, you know, who need help, a lot of help that the republicans are really there to to help them. fighting benefits? how do you convince -- how do republicans convince poor people. >> we convince people by letting them know, number one that we care. >> but, you know, caring doesn't get food on the table. >> but a job does. how do you get jobs? >> well, president obama isn't getting jobs. and he has declared war on the best job producer that we have in america. which is energy jobs. we literally could have
4:59 pm
millions of jobs right now for anyone who has flown through the dubai airport in the united arab elm rit. that could be the united states of america. it's a cross between disneyland and las vegas. we could have that kind of wealth creation here with millions of high paying jobs. you go up to alaska. you have got a lot of people starting out making $100,000 a year in energy. we could have that all across the united states. but the president is preventing that those are real jobs that weekend get started for americans. >> we have got to do something. >> we have to i agree. we can't keep talking about it anymore. >> that's why obamacare matters so much. the signal that obamacare has sent to employers don't hire. the signal that dodd frank sent to banks and financial institutions don't make loans. so, thes signals and that's why we care so much about them. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> what do you think are republicans enemies of the poor?
5:00 pm
go to vote in our poll. pick up your dvr remote and set a series recording for "on the record" tomorrow night right here 7 p.m. right here. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> did i stay on topic? are you stupid? thank you all very much and sorry for the idiot over there. >> the barrage of criticism against governor chris christie continues as his opponents are calling him vindictive and corrupt. karl rove and brit hume will analyze what is behind this very personal campaign. >> it's sometimes difficult to understand what senator obama said because as soon as he is confronted on it he says that's not what he meant. >> new book says hillary clinton is also vindictive and lists the names of people on her hit list. >> the teach his or her raped a student and you want them paid? you know that's wrong. >> one of the most disgraceful situations w


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